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Mills v Mills, Supreme Court, Wednesday 18th July 2018


Beverley Morris, partner at Lodders Solicitors, acting for Mr Mills, comments:

“The decision has been hailed as a victory for Mr Mills, and whilst it is right to say we have won in the Supreme Court, the problem remains that Mr Mills is still paying a ‘Joint Lives Maintenance Order’ with no end in sight.

“Within the element of maintenance, he is paying towards her rent, when the original award gave her a housing fund. It is therefore difficult to see it as a successful outcome when so many questions remain unanswered. The Family Court is tasked with finding a fair solution. There remains judicial uncertainty as to what is fair – the Court of Appeal gave one view which the Supreme Court has reversed.

“At the heart of this case however, is the issue of financial prudence and financial responsibility. Mrs Mills proved an unreliable witness with her evidence being described as ‘not fully satisfactory’ but, despite that, Mr Mills has an ongoing obligation to maintain her.

“So, what now?

“It is time for us to contemplate this outcome and take time out to consider what would be the right outcome for this family going forward.”

To read more on the case, please click here.

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