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Terms & conditions – what do you need to know?

Stuart Price, partner in our Commercial team, looks at some frequently asked questions in regards to terms & conditions.

Terms & conditions form a cornerstone of the relationship you have with your client.

Says Stuart Price, partner in our Commercial team. Every business should have terms & conditions but many do not have any in place or have incorrect, outdated information. Some businesses even pinch other people’s terms & conditions, which is a definite no-no on many levels! Stuart explains more about terms & conditions in the video below.

In this video, Stuart covers:

  • Why are terms & conditions important? (0:10)
  • What should you cover in your terms & conditions? (2:13)
  • Can you use another business’ terms & conditions? (3:17)
  • Should you use terms & conditions when dealing with other businesses? (7:20)
  • Stuart’s top 5 tips when writing terms & conditions. (9:12)

Alternatively, watch here.

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Stuart is a partner in Lodders’ Corporate and Commercial team.

He is an expert in commercial law and regularly advise clients on commercial contracts (including technology and media contracts) intellectual property and data protection issues.