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Arrangements for children

Lodders’ has a specialist team of family law solicitors with years of experience in dealing with disputes involving children, from parenting agreements and child arrangement orders through to stepparent adoption and special guardianship, and complex cases involving domestic abuse. Our full scope of legal advice is set out below.

Whilst we are well known for our work in high-conflict cases, we will always try to reduce conflict and encourage clients to resolve disputes concerning their children outside of court, where it is possible to do so.

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Specialist family law expertise

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Led by the highly experienced Beverley Morris, our Family Law team is committed to putting our clients first. Personal service and taking responsibility are essential elements of Lodders’ overall client care, together with offering a confidential and discreet service.

Our legal advice covers:

  • Parenting agreements and child arrangement orders; setting out with whom the children should live and spend time,
  • Prohibited steps orders, for example preventing a parent or guardian from removing the child from another parent or guardian’s care, or from the child’s school,
  • Parental responsibility agreements and orders if parental responsibility has not been conferred by marriage or registration on the birth certificate,
  • Disputes between parents concerning the exercise of parental responsibility, for example changing a child’s surname, arrangements for education, and medical decisions,
  • Internal and external relocation of children, either temporarily for holidays or long-term,
  • Stepparent adoption and special guardianship,
  • Applications by grandparents or other relatives to spend time with a child,
  • Cases involving allegations of domestic abuse, drug and alcohol testing, and psychological assessments.

Our other Family Law services include:

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Meet our specialist legal team:

Beverley Morris, Family Lawyer, in Birmingham

Beverley Morris


Head of Lodders' Family law team

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Caroline Dresden, Lodders Solicitors, Family Matriominal, Stratford upon Avon

Caroline Dresden

Legal Director

Family law expert and collaborative lawyer

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Vivienne Middleton


Family law specialist

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Baldish Khatkar, Lodders Solicitors, Family Law Lawyer, Birmingham

Baldish Khatkar

Senior Associate

Family law solicitor

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Questions answered

Not sure that this is the service for you? Take a look at some of our frequently asked questions for more information.

Children's law relates to any legal aspects that involve children, this area can be very broad, ranging from child custody to children's rights.

This service can be sought at anytime when there is concern regarding a child's safety, future or rights.

Lodders’ specialist team can advise you on Section 8 Orders, Contact Orders, Prohibited Steps Orders, Parental Responsibility Orders, as well as international law considerations, and the various financial aspects of Children’s law.

The Child Support Agency, and not the Courts, has the main responsibility for assessing Child Maintenance, provided both parents live in this country and no agreement can be reached.

Under Schedule 1 of the Children Act 1989, an unmarried parent can seek help from an absent parent for assistance with housing, to include a Settlement of Property Order or a Transfer of Property Order, for the benefit of the child. It should, however, be noted that in such cases the money or property settled would revert to the original owner when the child reaches the age of 18 or ceases full-time education.

Lump-Sum Orders can be made in respect of particular items of expenditure which a child may need, and this will include the ability to obtain a lump sum on account of legal costs to fund proceedings.

The Courts have jurisdiction to deal with Child Maintenance in limited circumstances, such as where:

• a child needs extra assistance due to a disability,
• one of the parents is resident abroad,
• School Fees Orders are being sought, or,
• extra money for child support is necessary over and above a Child Support Assessment.

Section 8 Orders, or Residence Orders are used to decide where and with whom a child should live. They can be granted to more than one person, whether they live together or not.

A Contact Order decides how much contact a child has with the non-resident parent or a grandparent, amongst other people.

A Prohibited Steps Order prevents someone from taking an action with regards to a child, for example, removing the child from the care of the resident parent without permission.

The Court can grant certain individuals, be they parents or step-parents, parental responsibility (the rights, duties, and obligations that people have with regard to the upbringing of children).

You may need to consider seeking advice on the permanent removal of a child from a specific jurisdiction – this involves getting permission from the court to relocate internationally or trying to stop the same.
We can also advise on international child abduction, and invoking a Hague Convention via the High Court following child abduction.

Lodders can offer advice in relation to the complex financial elements of divorce or separation involving children - it is important to work with a solicitor that you trust, and you feel can offer you a supportive and efficient service. Lodders’ expert family solicitors aim to achieve the best result possible for you and your child’s future.

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