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Cohabitation agreements

Lodders’ specialist family law solicitors provide expert advice on cohabitation agreements. Such agreements help cohabiting couples avoid legal disputes if the relationship later breaks down.

Legislation covering cohabitation is piecemeal. It is not as clear or as straightforward as the law covering married parties.

We recommend before cohabiting or purchasing assets or property, couples should seek legal advice. This will clarify rights and responsibilities, and identify how best to resolve future decisions, such as joint debts, or property rights and children.

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Led by the highly experienced Beverley Morris, our Family Law team is committed to putting our clients first. Personal service and taking responsibility are essential elements of Lodders’ overall client care, together with offering a confidential and discreet service.

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Mills v Mills – in the Supreme Court

Lodders represents the husband in this case, Graham Owen Mills.

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Questions answered

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The act of two individuals, often not married and in a relationship, living together in the same household, either long-term or permanently.

The legislation in relation to cohabitation is not as clear or straightforward as divorce law and for this reason, prior to settling down and buying assets or property with someone to whom you are not married, both parties should benefit from legal advice on questions such as:

• What rights will I have in relation to our home and our children?
• How are the bills paid if we split up?
• Am I liable for joint debt?

A Cohabitation Agreement will cover these and other issues and are relatively inexpensive, but sensible steps should be taken, particularly if parties are considering buying property together.

When an unmarried couple are residing or about to reside in the same household and want to establish legal protection of property or assets in the event of a separation.

This allows couples a clear and legally defined understanding of their responsibilities and entitlements.

At Lodders, our expert family law solicitors can assist with the preparation of Cohabitation Agreements, and we can also help if no such agreement has been reached, and if, for example, at the end of the relationship it is unclear to you whether you have an entitlement to property and maintenance.

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