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International divorce

Lodders family team are experienced in divorce disputes with an international aspect. We can provide clear and tailored advice for unique international circumstances.

Each country has its own divorce laws. This can result in varied outcomes, in terms of financial matters following divorce.

It is essential clients with links to more than one jurisdiction consider in which to issue divorce proceedings. For example, different countries have differing rules relating to disclosure of evidence; the power of the Courts to make orders relating to finances on divorce may be different. You may need local advice from each country, to come to a decision.

If you or your partner have off-shore trusts or investments, specialist advice will be needed, to address these aspects.

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Led by the highly experienced Beverley Morris, our Family Law team is committed to putting our clients first. Personal service and taking responsibility are essential elements of Lodders’ overall client care, together with offering a confidential and discreet service.

Case Studies

Mills v Mills – in the Supreme Court

Lodders represents the husband in this case, Graham Owen Mills.

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Meet our team of Family Law experts:

Beverley Morris, Family Lawyer, in Birmingham

Beverley Morris


Head of Lodders' Family law team

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Caroline Dresden, Lodders Solicitors, Family Matriominal, Stratford upon Avon

Caroline Dresden

Legal Director

Family law expert and collaborative lawyer

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Vivienne Middleton


Family law specialist

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Baldish Khatkar, Lodders Solicitors, Family Law Lawyer, Birmingham

Baldish Khatkar

Senior Associate

Family law solicitor

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Questions answered

Not sure that this is the service for you? Take a look at some of our frequently asked questions for more information.

Divorce is the process whereby a marriage is completely dissolved and the assets and responsibilities once shared are either cancelled or redistributed.

International divorce is required when a divorce occurs in a country other than where your permanently reside. this can be due to you and your partner moving to another country, or both of you living in separate countries.

In this instance, it is important to realise the differences in divorce proceedings for each of these locations, which is why investing in the correct legal team is essential.

Divorce is typically a complicated matter in both a legal sense and personal sense for those involved and requires assistance from legal experts to help create a smooth transition from start to finish.

The most common concern in a divorce dispute with an international element is where proceedings should be issued. This is often referred to as “forum shopping”, as different countries have their own divorce laws, which can result in very diverse outcomes relating to financial matters on divorce. It is therefore important to consider the implications of choosing one jurisdiction over another, particularly as different countries have their own rules relating to disclosure of evidence and the power of the Courts to make various orders relating to finances on divorce.

Additionally, if you or your partner have any offshore trusts or investments, you will need specialist advice as to how to address these elements in the context of your divorce.

Lodders is a well-established law firm that has both regional and national coverage, with a huge team of experts and highly skilled staff.

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