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Prenuptial & postnuptial agreements

Lodders’ expert team offers specialist, tailored advice on both prenuptial and postnuptial agreements.

Clients entering into marriage or civil partnership can secure protection for their wealth, in the event of a divorce.

They can be especially valuable where there is family money, or a family business. They can be arranged before (prenuptial) or after (postnuptial) a marriage or civil partnership.

A prenuptial agreement is currently not binding, but is persuasive. If converted to a postnuptial agreement, by re-signing after marriage, it becomes binding. Lodders’ expert family solicitors will help you achieve the best result possible for your future.

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Led by the highly experienced Beverley Morris, our Family Law team is committed to putting our clients first. Personal service and taking responsibility are essential elements of Lodders’ overall client care, together with offering a confidential and discreet service.

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Meet the specialist Family Law team:

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Questions answered

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When people plan to enter a marriage (or civil partnership) they may decide to enter into an agreement where they detail what they intend to happen to their money and/or property if the marriage or civil partnership were to come to an end. This is known as a prenuptial agreement.

Those who are already married or in a civil partnership may decide to regulate the terms of their marriage or civil partnership through a similar process. This is known as a postnuptial agreement.

The aim of these agreements is to provide protection to the wealthy party should the marriage end in a divorce, particularly where family money or a family business may be involved.

• When one party brings substantially more assets into the marriage than the other party.
• Where either or both parties stand to inherit substantial wealth on a death or particular occurrence within a family.
• Where it is anticipated that one party will earn significantly more than the other party through means other than inheritance.

These agreements are usually set-up by one or both members of the relationship as a precaution to protect their individual or shared assets.

Lodders’ team of specialist family law solicitors are experts in their field, and can offer tailored advice on both pre and postnuptial agreements.

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